Why Choose Us?

We understand there are many other CBD companies out there meaning competition is high, however, what makes us different is our quality, production of oil, customer service and our 10 years plus experience working in the CBD industry.

Our overseas team of experts start by sourcing the best hemp seeds and then using state of the art industrial agriculture production set up. From the initial stage of planting the seed to the final stages of extracting the oil, every step is done to perfection and this is why our final product is the best quality CBD oil out there.

We believe that taking time to source the best natural organic hemp seeds is a very valuable and vital part because this results in the final product. We do not rush or take short cuts with the process as this goes against our perfection policy. Of course, being produced in California which is the capital of CBD the climate and other natural factors help contribute too. 

Some might say our prices might be competitive or a fraction higher than our competition, but hey quality over quantity and perfection is what we strive on! Our customers are our main priority so we want to supply them the best there is. 

Last but not least, CBD has a bitter hemp/earthy grass taste when you taste it due to being mix with different terpenes and hemp oil. However, with Elite CBD we have overcome this by not only using concentrated hemp oil but MCT oil ( Medium-chain triglycerides, extracted from coconut) which makes the taste plain, tasteless, and much easier to consume. This also helps those that wish to use it in drinks/food as there is no flavour. 

Here at Elite CBD, you can rest assured that all our products are of the highest quality and all 100% natural and organic and contain NO THC. All our products are 3rd party lab tested, so you can ensure that no corners have been cut.