Is CBD Oil Vegan? Is It Organic?

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is cbd oil vegan and organic

Knowing what we are putting into our bodies is incredibly important. Whether it is the food we eat or the supplements we take, more and more people are becoming mindful of what they consume, either for health, religious, or personal reasons.

The same applies when it comes to CBD, in fact in our opinion this is even more important when it comes to CBD, as to get the full benefits of the product you need to be sure of what it is you’re taking.

We often get a range of questions from customers about exactly what is in our CBD oil products, so we’ve taken the time to answer some of these questions below.

Is CBD Oil Vegan?

Yes, our Elite CBD Oil is 100% vegan. 

CBD as a compound is completely vegan, however, some other companies out there may mix theirs with oils or ingredients which are not. 

Here at Elite CBD though we do not do this. We only use hemp and coconut oils in our products, with zero animal byproducts used in the process, so vegans can use our products without having to worry.

If you are vegan it is always important to check the ingredients of a CBD oil before use, to ensure that it is vegan friendly.


Is CBD Oil Organic?

Yes, Elite CBD oil is totally natural and organic & our oils contain no artificial ingredients or animal byproducts. 

We only use the following in our CBD oils, which are all-natural & organic - Californian CBD, MCT oil from coconut & hemp oil. This helps us to keep the quality of our CBD oil at the highest level possible and maximises the benefits of using it.

Lower quality CBD companies may mix or dilute their product with artificial ingredients which can do more harm than good, so it’s always important to read the label.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Yes, our CBD oil is 100% safe to take for the average person.

Not only do we use completely natural ingredients, but all of our CBD products are 3rd party lab tested, so they have been given the seal of approval for safety and quality.

Checking for lab testing is always very important when choosing any CBD product.

Whilst CBD oil is generally totally safe and healthy, if you have any allergies then we always recommend checking with a Doctor before purchasing just to be sure.

What is MCT?

MCT, which we include in our CBD Oil, stands for medium-chain triglycerides.

That may sound a little scary, but MCT is a totally natural fatty acid product which provides a boost of energy to the body. This can sometimes help with athletic performance, mental sharpness, weight loss and more.

MCT is another organic ingredient which helps to make our CBD oil as effective as possible.

What makes Elite CBD different?

Elite CBD is an honest company and we always aim to keep things transparent. We don't mix our oils with cheaper ingredients or fillers and we believe in quality over quantity!

The aim of our CBD oil is to help you feel as healthy as possible, and we like to think we do a pretty good job of it! Our CBD Oil is trusted and used by a range of professional athletes.

We use our high-quality CBD to provide you with a sustainable way to reap the many benefits of this essential compound.

Our CBD has been used for an extensive range of issues, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain/inflammation and insomnia. From pets to people, CBD has something for everyone!

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For more information regarding CBD and our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Any more questions? Check our FAQ page.

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