How to Take CBD Oil - What's the Best Way?

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CBD Oil is becoming more and more popular every day, and it’s not hard to see why.


People all over the world use CBD oil as part of their wellness or fitness routines, and report all kinds of benefits.

A question we get asked often though, is what is the best way to take CBD Oil?

As a simple, versatile oil, there are many ways that CBD oil can be taken, and people have found some pretty creative ways to do so, including adding it to drinks, or even baking it into food!

Whilst the idea of some CBD oil brownies does sound tempting though, we always recommend that you take it as purely as possible.

Most CBD Oils, including those we provide here at Elite CBD Official, come as a “tincture” in a bottle with an easy to use dropper top. With a tincture, all you have to do to take your CBD oil is apply a few drops into your mouth, ideally on the underside of your tongue. This is because the area of your mouth under your tongue is the place where the oil can dissolve easiest, and get into your system much faster and more efficiently.

 The number of drops you take will depend on your dosage needs and the strength of CBD oil that you are using. A recommended number of drops should appear on the bottle as a guide.

Another tip for taking your CBD oil in the best way is to establish a routine. Typically this is to take the CBD early in the morning, late at night, or after a workout - depending on the sort of results that you are looking for.

Most people take their dosage in a single serving, but you could try splitting your dosage into two or more servings throughout the day. 

Finding what's right for you requires experimentation - CBD doesn't behave the same for everyone. But once you do find what works for you, repeat that every day to develop a consistent routine that your body can rely on. Consistency and regularity is the best way to feel the benefits of your CBD oil.

When considering how to take CBD oil and establishing a CBD oil routine be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I taking this CBD oil - what do I want to achieve?
  • Can I stick to this same routine every day?
  • Does taking the oil at different times of day make me feel any differently?

It’s human nature to want things to happen immediately, but to get the most out of your CBD, be sure to stick with it for at least 30 days, find a routine that works for you, and be mindful of your progress.

Still have questions on how to take CBD oil? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Elite CBD Official team who will be happy to help - or see our FAQ’s page for some of our most frequently asked questions.

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