Can You Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

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can you drive after taking cbd oil?

If you’re new to taking CBD oil, or considering it for the first time, you may be wondering if you can still drive after taking it - a question we are here to help you answer.

In general, the answer is yes, you can drive perfectly fine after taking CBD oil - with a few caveats, which we will discuss below.

Please note, this article applies to UK drivers only, if you live outside of the UK then please take note of your local laws.

Is it Legal to Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

CBD oil is not a drug, and is 100% legal in the UK, therefore there are no laws against driving after taking pure CBD oil.

With that said, it is important to ensure that you only choose THC free CBD oil.

THC is the compound within cannabis which causes the high, so if you take CBD oil which does contain THC then you could become susceptible to the psychoactive effects. The legal limits of THC that apply in the UK mean you are still unlikely to breach any laws, but it is still advisable to avoid driving if you’ve taken on any THC at all.

All of the CBD oil that we sell here at Elite CBD is 100% THC free.

Is it Safe to Drive After Taking CBD Oil?

THC free CBD oil causes no psychoactive effects, and therefore is completely safe to taking before driving.

If it is your first time taking CBD oil then it is advisable to wait a few hours after your first dose, just to ensure that you don’t suffer any adverse effects - as rare as these may be.

As above, if you take CBD oil which contains THC then you may be susceptible to some psychoactive effects, including decreased reaction time. Therefore, driving may not be advisable if you are particularly likely to be affected by these things.


CBD is a safe and versatile compound that can be used for a variety of purposes, and it should not interfere with any of your day-to-day activities such as driving.

As with most things though, if you are taking if for the first time, we always recommend starting with a mild dose.

For more information regarding CBD oil please see our list of CBD oil blog posts and our FAQs page.

Our full range of THC free CBD oils can be seen here.

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